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Bead locks are your answer if you are working your way up to a fully-beaded Chamilia bracelet or if you want to wear your Chamilia necklace in a different style. Chamilia bead locks are always an elegant piece to add to your bracelet or necklace to help keep your beads in place while also adding some personalized flair to your look.

Designed with a silicone core, Chamilia locks can be opened with a fingernail or other non-abrasive item. To close your bead lock, place it anywhere on your bracelet or necklace and secure, simply by closing the clasp.

Chamilia bead locks give you the ability to decide, and design, your bracelet according to your own vision. Since they can be placed wherever you choose along your chosen jewelry, locks allows you to add as many Chamilia beads in between as you’d like, giving as little or as much bead movement as you desire.

As beautiful as any other Chamilia bead, bead locks make your beads stay put wherever you want them to, giving your jewelry a polished look. Embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, 14 carat gold, and various stylings, Chamilia bead locks give you the freedom to design.

Chamilia Locks
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